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Liza Tazewell (nee Pranjic/Suroprajitno) grew up in Guildford, Western Sydney, the proud daughter of immigrant parents.

Raised in a family which taught the important values of compassion, hard work and the tenacity required to achieve your dreams, the foundations on which I built a successful career as a Director in Banking in Australia, U.K and Asia, and responsible for leading Risk, Surveillance, Financial Crimes and Market Operations Teams.

Whilst living in Asia I established a not-for-profit skills training school for survivors of human trafficking, by empowering young women through teaching viable skills resulting in employment opportunities.

Currently, a small business owner in Parramatta providing design and building renovation services, I witnessed the devastating impact of the government’s COVID-19 response on hard-working Australians, notably those deemed ‘non-essential’. 

This compelled me to get involved in politics and provide an alternative voice for the electorate of Parramatta.  The collusion of the major parties has dismantled any trust we had our government; they no longer served the interests of the people.  We need a balance of power, and this led me to join the LibDems in 2021; a principles based party who could be trusted to support our individual human rights.

It’s time for change. No longer can we accept the discrimination, division, coercion, and erosion of our Australian democracy. Let’s return Australia to the lucky country.

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